Saturday May 26, 2018
Public Announcements

Memorial Paver Project

Become a part of Bellville's honored history. Personalize a paver with a memorial to someone gone, in honor of someone living, in recognition of someone's past, of your family or a phrase of your choice. 

The existing asphalt pation in front of the bandstand is being replaced with a paver patio which will more reflect the age and era in which the bandstand was originally built.

Proceeds from the sale of these pafters are three-fold:

To help restore the Bellville bandstand to its former beautiful self.

To help pay for the new paver patio.

To help restore the downtown park to more represent its age and beauty.

The pavers are sold in two sizes:

  • 4"X8" which will allow up to three lines of print - 14 characters per line including spaces
  • 8"X8" which will allow up to six lines of print - 14 characters per line including spaces
    • ((the above are normal sizes)

The cost for the pavers is as follows:

  • 4"X8" = $  50 each
  • 8"X8" = $100 each

Memorial Paver Patio Project Form