Bellville Police Department

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Thursday April 27, 2017
Public Announcements

Bellville Police Department

Bellville Police Department
320 Bell Street
Bellville, OH 44831

Emergency Phone: (419) 886-3801 or 911
Non-Emergency: (419) 886-2813
Fax: (419) 886-2144


Under the authority of the constitution of the United States of America and the State of Ohio, Under the Direction of the laws and ordinance of the Village of Bellville, to provide the citizens of Bellville a professional police service dedicated to preserving a high quality of life through a partnership with the community which provides safety and security.

Chief of Police Ron L. Willey



It is our sincere hope that this endeavor will help us to "Serve and Protect" the Citizens of Bellville with further information on the department operation, safety tips, and other important information that will be important to you.

Throughout this website you will get a glimpse of who your police officers are, and different services and programs the department provides. The Police Department is always looking for better ways to serve the community and welcomes you to learn more about us.


Full Time Officers

Rank Name Service Since
Chief Ron L. Willey October 1983
Lieutenant Jon Fletcher October 2005
Officer Don Wallis October 2014
Officer Greg Tackett November 2012

Part Time Permanent Officers

Officer  Thomas Queen May 2016

Part Time and Auxiliary Officers

Sergeant Eric Winbigler December 1993
Officer Barbara Moore March 2003
Officer Michael Brown January 2008
Officer Jeff McBride June 2013
Officer Matthew Corwin May 2014
Officer Crystal Lude May 2014
Officer Jeffrey Stitzlein January 2017