Water and Wastewater

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Sunday May 28, 2017
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Wastewater Treatment Improvement

Water and Wastewater Division

Purpose:  To provide a safe and plentiful supply of high quality water for the citizens of Bellville and to successfully operate a wastewater system that not only provides quality service but protects our environment and waterways.

For questions concerning new installations, disconnections and billing
call: 419-886-2245 EXT #1 9am - 12pm Mon - Thurs

For reporting water problems / outages or leaks call: 419-886-3043 EXT#1



Superintendent: Michael Hoeflich
Worker: Ty Bowers
Utility Clerk: Jennifer Hamilton

Village of Bellville Water Source:
The Village of Bellville presently operates two 12" wells that are approximately 92' deep. They are capable of producing about 1,000,000 gallons of water a day. Water is then pumped into three storage tanks, their combined storage capacity equal to 544,000 gallons. The average daily use for Bellville is 195,000 gallons of water per day.

The EPA requires regular sampling to ensure drinking water safety. The village conducts sampling on hundreds of contaminates and none were found to be above their requirements.

Water and Sewer Rates

There is a Minimum Bi-Monthly Water/Sewer Rate of $41.00

Water Rate Information:
$18.00 Water (4000 gal. min.)
$4.50/thousand gals. for residential after exceeding 4000 gal.
wastewater treatment plant
Sewer Rate Information:
$23.00 Sewer (4000 gal. min.)
$5.75/thousand gals. After exceeding 4000 gal.
Unmetered flat rate $40.00

Storm Sewer Utility Rate
 $1.50/month for residential
($1.50/month per 5,000 sq . ft. of impervious surface)

 ***The single most thing causing high water bills in a home is a leaking toilet.

***Helpful hint: Place a couple drops of food coloring in toilet tank and let sit undisturbed. Color will appear in the bowl if the toilet has a leak.

Water and Sewer Tap Information

Water Tap:

$1,000.00  3/4" line if Village makes tap, includes tap, curb box, curb stop, and meter. Village to install once plumbing for meter is in place.  

  $600.00   3/4" line if Contractor makes tap, Village provides meter only.

$1,250.00  1" Line  if Village makes Tap, includes tap, curb box, curb stop, and meter. Village to install once plumbing for meter is in place.

   $750.00   1" Line  if Contractor makes Tap, Village provides meter only.

All taps larger than 1", tap fee is $1000.00 per inch diameter of the service line. All taps larger than 1"  will be made by the Contractor and the Village will supply and install an appropriately sized water meter when proper plumbing is in place.

$1,500.00  1 1/2" Line                  
$2,000.00  2" line
$2,500.00  2 1/2" line
$3,000.00  3" line
$3,500.00  3 1/2" line
$4,000.00  4" line
$6,000.00  All lines over 4"

Sewer Tap:

For any property serviced by a water meter size of two (2”) inches or less, it shall be subject to a fee of $1,000.00.
For any property serviced by a water meter size greater than two (2”) inches, it shall be subject to a fee of $2,000.00.